UI Settings and Handlers

Samsung SmartThings

Below handlers are compatible with the Classic App of Samsung's SmartThings home automation platform.


Haseman RS-10PM2 Z-Wave, DIN Rail, 10-Channel Relay Module with Power Meter.
Supports control of 10 Relay Switches.
Supports live reporting of Energy[KW/H], Power[W], Current[A], Voltage[V], Frequency[HZ] and Power Factor [cosf].
Supports all available device parameter synchronization.


1. Install the code using the SmartThings IDE.
2. Log in to your SmartThings account.
3. Go to "My device handler" section.
4. Tab on "New device handler".
5. Select "From Code" tab and paste in the contents of the relevant groovy files.
6. Click "Create".
7. After import both groovy files you should proceed with inclusion (Add a thing) to Z-wave network (if already done it, just exclude and re-include).
8. Wait for the configuration of the device and should be ready to use it.


Haseman RS-10PM2 Switch Device

Haseman RS-10PM2 Switch Child Device


Home Assistant

There is no need for any additional XML files, just few initial settings:

1. After inclusion rename the Dimmer and Switch Channels, so you will be able to recognize all controlled devices.

2. Set a multi-channel association on lifeline group 1, in order to receive instant reports from the local buttons.

- Remove Basic Association on Lifeline group 1 for R4D4 Device.

- Set Multi-channel Association on Lifeline group 1 for R4D4 Device.

Fibaro Home Center

The lifeline association of the Home Center gateway should be configured as a “multi-channel association" (some gateways need a manual configuration of this option).

For Fibaro Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite, in order to enable correct communications between the Fibaro gateway and our multichannel modules, the lifeline association of the gateway should be configured as a “Multi-channel association”. Be sure that only the Multi-channel association (M) checkbox is selected in Device > Settings > Advanced > Setting Association > Group1 tab (lifeline). Single Channel Association checkbox (S) must be unchecked.



Vera Edge, Vera Plus, Vera Secure, UI7 Settings:

LifeLine Association.

After the inclusion of the device to the Vera Z-Wave network, an important step is to set the Lifeline reporting for Multi-channel device. This setting will guarantee an instant status update within UI when using local control buttons and proper operation of multi-channel devices. Go to Device Options and add Group ID 1. Set it as per the screenshot below and Save. 


By default, the Multichannel reports via life line are enabled in Z-Way UI (RaZberry controrller or Z-Way UZB), so no any additional setting are necessary.

Iridium Mobile

Iridium Mobile UI is compatible with Z-Way UZB and RaZberry. The integration could be accomplished by means of the free JS module (driver). It could be used with Iridium Lite, Iridium Pro and Iridium server.